New parking zones approved in Kyiv

New parking zones approved in Kyiv


New parking zones have been approved in Kiev.

As reported by Censor.NET, the press service of the Kyiv City State Administration reported on Telegram.

Zone I, which covers the center of Kiev and has a high demand for parking, has expanded from 66 parking lots for 1451 cars to 224 parking lots for 4320 cars. Also, “islands” of Zone I were created within Zone II – in the area of ​​”Karavaevy dachas” and the radio market, as well as part of the territory within the Demeevskaya square.

Zone II (precenter) decreased from 247 parking lots for 4856 cars to 123 lots for 2847 cars. At the same time, it expanded geographically. “Islands” of the II Zone were also created within the III Zone – near the markets “Troyeshina”, “Lesnoy” (“Youth”), the car market, the metro station “Lesnaya” and the museum “Pirogovo”.

Zone III – sleeping areas with the least traffic.

The definition of new zones is based on professional data analysis from Tomtom Move O / D software, the world’s most renowned source of statistics for road trips in major cities. The company “A + S Ukraine”, ordered by the city authorities, used the data to calculate and justify the zoning of demand for parking spaces.

New zoning can be viewed on an interactive map

Also from July 1, new parking rates began to operate.

Thus, the cost of an hour of parking in zone I, covering the central part of the city, will be 35 UAH / hour.

The cost in the II zone, in the territories adjacent to the center – 25 UAH / hour.

In the residential areas of the city, the cost remains unchanged – 5 UAH / hour.

On weekends, as well as on weekdays from 22:00 to 8:00, parking remains free.

Payment for parking is carried out by bank transfer through the applications “Kiev Digital”, “Privat 24”, Easy Pay or through the internet sites or Cash can be paid for parking only at the Easy Pay terminal.

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