New PDR: toll roads, electric bicycles

New PDR: toll roads, electric bicycles


From 1 leaf fall in 2021, the fate of the day posed the rules of the road. The editorship – the new scale for the rest of the decal of rock – includes changes to the signs, to the design, as well as to the improvement of the cycling infrastructure.

Nareshty in the PDR sees changes, which have long been on our roads (for example, by showing electric vehicles and charging stations). In addition, the new Rules show, where the road and the infrastructure collapses (for example, the signs “Toll road” and signs for perehoplavalny parking are introduced).

Yak vodiyam, so cyclists will need to be respected. First of all, I respect the beasts for new signs and design, which allow cyclists to collapse on the hand from motorized transport.

Other musies of memory, which took on the cobs the introduction of new rules, the need for an “acclimatization” period (for some reason, you can’t take over the new rules). / p>

About the changes that have been introduced, read our explanatory statutes about the new Rules of the Road Roam, as well as about those, if the innovation is registered on the porch, it appears on the view of the streets of our places.

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