New Performante Meets The Loudest Lamborghini In The World!

New Performante Meets The Loudest Lamborghini In The World!


Thanks to Lamborghini Beverly Hills, I’m trying out the new Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Check out what happens when we I meet Damon from DDE with his straight piped supercharged Huracan in Beverly Hills. The loudest Lamborghini!Follow us on:Daily Driven Exotics:Lamborghini Beverly Hills:

rapid Supercop Lundy I’m at Lamborghini Beverly Hills this is so exciting guys we’ve got an amazing day planned I’ve just been handed at the keys to the Lamborghini of her from Monte this is the car have not driven yet in the Lamborghini fleet I’m really excited about it it’s a long time coming and here it is right behind me so a standard it comes with a lot more carbon-fiber as you can see here all along the back also on the spoiler here as well this is forged carbon fiber it’s actually lighter than standard carbon fiber and it’s just a strong which is interesting what’s crazy about the purple Monte is and I just learned this it has seven times more downforce than the Huracan seven times more can you imagine the cornering in this thing we are going to test this baby out for sure if you come over here air is fed in here okay and then this is actually hollow so the air comes up through here and then if you come around here take a look here you’ve actually got little air vents here where the other is fed out from underneath the spoiler so that’s cool the downforce increases or decreases depending on whether you’re cornering or whether you’re going in a straight line the car will automatically either feed more air out of the spoiler or less air out of the spoiler depending on like what kind of needs the car has at that moment oh it’s very hot let’s turn on the engine you only got a few seconds but it was lines because I like well it is light up but it’s interesting that you can feel that yeah today we’re gonna go see Damon from daily driven exotics so easy youtuber here in actually it’s from Canada isn’t it buddy he’s here in LA at the moment I think everyone’s in LA at the moment is getting ready for Pebble Beach which actually starts tomorrow the driver and he has a hurricane so we’re gonna cruise around together he actually he has a special her goodness name what is he huh yeah he’s gonna like he’s got like a BFS engineered to work and I don’t know exactly what that means but it looks like insane the back of it II like removed the whole bumper and the resonator exhaust pipes 40 kilos lighter 30 horsepower more than my loose is it the personal Monte that’s a fashionable entrance how are you my friend you do you good to see you got the cameras on cameras today whoa subscribe dde so what do you think of the new rap it’s so cool you got to fill it out – Alex I’ll lift it again yeah awesome it’s just right John yeah let’s check it out what’s up how are you don’t you speak sir up yeah check it out I’m gonna go now because I don’t have that feature oh yes it does yeah sound I feel like there’s more gurgling and more popping with the just the straight 610 hold on let me oh oh the door actually open it does you don’t actually any thank you oh yeah they didn’t do anything to the doors it’s like falling in this is so plain like you would just have plain normal Zoltan that cause it’s the only thing on this part that’s left that I could change I think can you drive me like this so no you know allows more settings this work so they’re just custom airbags all I have to do something missing on but over there if you push number one so push number one so hit number two because this is like driving mode this is basically like stock so good number two not a sorry so there’s like that feature this is gonna be more like we gotta do a video not yeah all four corners well I Bree everything lips nobody else the front so you know standing in the stock hunk and you just gonna lift up front a little bit but this just goes correct correct number three so now you’re in like four by vote now I mean operating mode here’s the funnest part see the double arrow on the left foot underneath the dot hold that to such an extent that you just decided to take the whole back off yeah basically it’s just the back off stuff’s expensive I’m not rich come on no no like this whole brand was built off of me wanting a car so it’s got to make money you guys wrecking stuff the money goes this way in the pig detail so when I found out how much the replacement front bumper rear bumper and wing was I went okay we get a front bumper can’t afford the rear bumper bumper delete yeah that’s how it was planned so there is a feature that Dave and I thought was I don’t know why we just thought it was really good so this car has the louver offenders well yeah the tire is actually touching right there that’s the tire what it’s actually dug into it serious oh my god so if you drove off with it at this height that would be it like your car’s rear fenders off it’d be an instant f1 car open wheel and then we went even further and had the phone case made so everything’s chambo oh and even the pedal shift yeah that’s cool nervous not many people get the the paddle gear shifts wrapped that’s pretty cool here as well yeah that’s awesome so what are these rims and everything I mean these are all new ribbons this isn’t like a paint job or no they’re all new we did a retro style that’s the whole kind of flat five-spoke look yeah but the either love it or hate it I get it for everybody too but then you throw it you throw orange on there and it just gets even more mad yeah before we head off we’re gonna get Damon to rev his car I need to put the seat all the way back shorter than me was in there messing with my sister sorry tell us why it sounds so loud completely straight pipe no cats no mufflers just be supercharged v10 and some piping all right let’s see what it sounds like I don’t even think I got that on camera because I jumped like a mile back when he started remember I think the camera was actually pointed at the ground and now it goes back you ever stand directly behind the tears my my I’m deaf I’m deaf that’s it so today is never wear a skirt when you’re around Damien he’s hurricane because I had a little bit of a Marilyn Monroe moment jeans from now on just whenever you’re around just be like yo reminder wear jeans especially if you’re standing behind my god alright guys that’s the vlog thank you so so much Damon and daily driven exotics of course and thanks so much for showing us around your comment my pleasure things fun thanks for being interested it’s not I wasn’t really I pretended the whole day it’s not for everybody and I know that it was fun it was so much fun to see people’s faces and the reaction to your car that’s the best thing ever please like and subscribe to the channel love you guys so much we’re out

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