New PEUGEOT Partner Fourgon is a reliable partner of your business and No. 1 in Europe for commercial vehicles

New PEUGEOT Partner Fourgon is a reliable partner of your business and No. 1 in Europe for commercial vehicles


You run a business that provides for the carriage of small loads, and you need a reliable 4-wheel partner? The ideal partner will be a new PEUGEOT Partner Fourgon. It is already appreciated in Europe, where he occupied a prominent place among the commercial cars.

So, last year at the exhibition in Hannover Partner Fourgon received the title of International Van of The Year 2019, that has been Van of the Year. By the way, this is the fifth title of Van of the Year in the asset PEUGEOT since the establishment of the nomination in 1992.


New PEUGEOT Partner Fourgon was not quite like the previous models. This model features a stylish and dynamic design. From its predecessors the new feature “blind” plugs glass rear side doors and the absence of the second row of seats, bringing the capacity of the trunk increased significantly. Practical Luggage compartment trim panel convenient to use – all the dirt is removed instantly in one motion! A large number of pockets and glove compartments will allow you to place every little thing without occupying useful volume of the trunk. The functionality here in the first place.


The interior of the new PEUGEOT Partner Fourgon austere, but welcoming. On the comfort seats feel in the home armchair. Galvanized body ensures long-lasting protection against rust. With its efficient power units and wide possibilities of transformation of interior cargo transportation becomes more cost-effective. This means that Partner Fourgon will appreciate the practical businessman!


In addition, now and comfort have reached a new level previously unseen in this class, because for the first time on commercial vehicles set Peugeot i-CockpitĀ® is an innovative concept of space organization the driver, which includes a compact steering wheel, head-up display and large 8-inch touch screen for comprehensive information about the road while driving.

For your needs

Each business sector has its own special needs. To meet the specific wishes of private entrepreneurs and managers of new Fourgon PEUGEOT Partner is available in several versions adapted to your needs.

The car is available in two lengths – L1 (4,40 m) and L2 (4.75 m). Also available a wide range of modifications and options, technologies and means of communication for any business.

Consider exactly what modifications and options are offered by the company ILTA.

New Partner Fourgon car in ILTA

Company ILTA offers commercial vehicle in two trim levels – 1000 Pro version of L1 (max. load 1 ton) and GRIP L2 version (max. load – 940 kg).

The main difference is that the GRIP increased ground clearance and a used off-road tires Mud & Snow, and also provides Advanced Grip Control, which provides increased tyre grip for off-road driving. The presence of selector allows you to select the driving mode depending on the road surface (snow, ice, sand, etc.).

In addition, the version GRIP provides additional equipment for passenger comfort (triple cabin with Multiflex folding table, improved illumination of the cargo compartment, rings for fixation of cargo and more). Thus, the GRIP will be a good helper for your business in country conditions, while the PRO is best suited for businesses in the city.

Diesel engines of ecological classes Euro 5 and Euro 6 are available in two versions: 1.6 HDi 92 (manual) and 1.5 BlueHDi 130 (automatic).

The PRO version and the GRIP can be equipped specialists of the ILT in accordance with your personal and professional needs. To learn more, please visit auto centers “Ilta on Pechersk” and “Ilta on Kharkov” or visit the website And choose your reliable and proven car-partner for professionals!

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