New photos Ford Bronco revealed strange details

New photos Ford Bronco revealed strange details


The SUV will be disproportionately long. And why do they have handles on the hood?

The first photos of a production-ready instance restored “Bronco” appeared a few days ago, and now published a new batch of images that show the SUV with the other angles. Pictures posted on the resource Bronco6G specifically devoted to collecting information about the return of the Bronco to duty.

Five-door SUV with a black body wearing a little less aggressive rubber than before, and slightly more reminiscent of the Land Rover Defender, except for the proportions. As it turns out, “Bronco” will provide significantly extended front part. It is curious that these photos clearly distinguishable bulge on the hood, which may hint at a location underneath a large enough motor. Previously, the novelty has already promised a 2.7-liter V6 twin-turbo and 10-speed automatic.


Another worrying detail – a pair of handles seem attached to the hood over the head optics. There are many theories on the subject, which alone is suitable, but the most funny is that this banal turn signals, obtaining such an exotic design in retro style. Finally, the images you can see the massive roof rails and not smaller side mirrors, and a three-door prototype of the Bronco without a roof and side Windows, who hid in the background.

Judging by the abundance of photos that have appeared in recent times, the premiere of the latest SUV is not far off. Earlier it was reported that it could be held in March.

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