New pickup truck Tesla will be called Model B

New pickup truck Tesla will be called Model B

Elon Musk has posted some rather strange teasers that hint at the name of the new electric pickup. Apparently, the car will be named Model B. it Sounds?

Rumors that the California company is developing an electric pickup truck appeared three years ago. On one of the slides brand strategy for the coming years noticed the car, which was like a small copy of the Semi truck, but in the back of a pickup truck. Later, Musk confirmed that Tesla is really working on a model, but no details were not disclosed.


Now the founder of “Tesla” published in his Twitter a few rather odd posts, each of which contains Emoji bees (translated into English bee – bee). Before the premiere of a pickup truck left a couple of months, and because Musk doesn’t like to talk about the news directly, it is possible that this is a hint it is on the name of the upcoming novelties, Model B.

In addition, this title fits into the concept of Elon musk – according to his idea, the names of the first four models was to be in the word SEXY: according to the original plan the car was to be called Model S, Model X, Model Y and Model e. But the right to the last title won by Ford, so Model E turned into Model 3, and the SEXY acronym – in S3XY. With the appearance of the truck, if he does get a name, the phrase would look like this: S3XY B (be sexual).

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In late July, Elon Musk has promised that the pickup truck will show within two to three months. The appearance of the model still remains a mystery is the founder of “Tesla” published only a teaser of which is difficult to understand anything about the new product. Many designers have published their own versions of the car, but to understand which one is closest to reality, it is impossible.

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