New Prodrive International will build a special SUV for the Dakar rally 2021


British Motorsport and engineering firm Prodrive in partnership with the Kingdom of Bahrain has developed the car to participate in Dakar rally 2021. New international brand Prodrive will build two cars to “break in” to the market in 2021.

Newly created Prodrive International design and build their own car to participate in Dakar rally. a car that is in the early stages of development, will be built using Prodrive years of experience in motor sport.


The company does not disclose details of future trends. But in the network appeared the first renderings, and it also became known that these models will be sold to other teams. In addition, the brand will produce different sets of performance, efficiency, and different specifications.

Judging by the image, the brand will prepare something like a compact crossover with a classic suspension for this sport. Most likely, the SUV will be built on the basis of the unique space frame covered with composite body panels. Suspension will get a big move, and custom shock absorbers. That will be used as the power unit is not reported.

In 2021 the Dakar rally will be held again in Saudi Arabia, starting in Jeddah and ending in Riyadh.

Meanwhile, in the Dakar rally for the first time will take part the truck with the hybrid system. Renault Trucks C 460 Hybrid Edition received an experimental module CeTrax Lite RS, which, if necessary, assists the diesel powertrain.

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