New product Hotline Finance – Auto Assistance Hotline

FineAuto launched useful for motorists product — card Auto assistance. Auto Assistance Hotline is a service of assistance on the road. Now in addition to CTP, the DGO and the Green card owners can apply for a personal card Assistance Hotline from Finance. When the driver is in a difficult or unpleasant traffic situation, he receives the necessary advice and free technical assistance.

Price card Hotline Assistance

The cost depends on what area is to use the card. Price card for the year with an action:

  • in Ukraine the standard and extended UAH 349 UAH 499;
  • in Ukraine and Europe 949 UAH.

On the website Hotline Finance comparative table of the three tariff plans on giving assistance card, making it easier to choose the optimal variant.

What is the map Hotline Assistance: key features

This is an electronic contract that guarantees roadside assistance 24/7. Card assigned to the vehicle. Use the assistance card can every driver behind the wheel of a car, which is decorated card help.

In the event of an accident, the car breaks down, a customer in a short time and gets a free opportunity to enjoy the following services:

  • consultation, technical assistance;
  • fuel delivery, replacing damaged wheels, assistance with starting the engine;
  • taxi, Parking on the Parking lot, rental car;
  • air, bus and railway tickets;
  • evacuation, emergency door opening, thawing locks.

Where and how the card is valid

The grounds of action depends on the type of card. Any tariff applies to Ukraine, in addition to ATO and Crimea. Extended edition Ukraine + Europe acts also on the territory of all countries of Europe.

The card is 1 year. Issue the assistance can be no earlier than tomorrow.

The process of registration takes 5 minutes and minimal paperwork. Check yourself. Besides, in honor of the launch of a new product gives a discount on card Auto Assistance Hotline. Enter the promo code INFOCAR15 on the stage of registration, and will receive an additional 15% discount. The promotion code is valid at the 31.08.2020.

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