New Renault electric car in retro style

New Renault electric car in retro style


A short video teaser of the future concept electric car Air4 has been published on the Renault France Instagram account. Judging by the video, it will have round headlights in a retro style, unusual lights and a box body, which is a reference to the 4L hatchback (Quatrelle), which was produced between 1961 and 1994. And the show car will not be limited: in three years, the French automaker will launch Air4 into production.

Rumors that the Renault 4L will be revived in the form of an electric car appeared in early 2021. Then it was reported that the premiere of the novelty will be timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the classic model. The revived 4L, aka Air4, will be a subcompact electric crossover that is likely to receive a commercial van-style retrofit.

The original Renault 4L was produced in 28 countries, sold in 100 countries, and its circulation in more than 30 years has exceeded eight million copies – the model is considered one of the most successful in the history of the French brand. The hatchback was equipped with atmospheric gasoline engines of 603, 747, 782, 845, 956 and 1,108 cubic centimeters.

Renault already has one retrospective electric car in its arsenal: a city car dedicated to the R5 model debuted in mid-January. It has been called “the harbinger of a new era of brand development” called “New Wave” (Nouvelle Vague). It received a characteristic R5 element – a decorative black grille on the hood, which mimics an air vent on an internal combustion engine, although in fact there is a charging slot under it. The serial version of the R5 will appear on the market no earlier than 2023.

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