New Renault Express pickup truck

New Renault Express pickup truck


The revived Renault Express name has been hiding for some time now an updated version of the Dacia Dokker model. This car was redesigned, redesigned and transferred to the parent brand Renault lineup. Passenger modifications of Renault Express are sold only in Africa, the Middle East and the CIS, but vans can also be bought in the European Union. And now a pickup version of the model has appeared on the European market.

This is a pickup truck that appeared in the Dacia Dokker model line back in 2017. These cars are not manufactured by Renault itself, but by the small Italian company Focaccia Group Automotive. Its main activity is the conversion of serial cars into police cars, modification for the transportation of wheelchair users, as well as the development of various accessories. Speaking specifically about this pickup, it is a joint project with the Renault brand, fully approved by the automaker and officially included in the brand’s model line.

Since the body of Renault Express has hardly changed compared to the Dacia Dokker, the technology of its transformation into a pickup from Focaccia has remained the same. The list of original plastic parts has not changed either: the rear wall of the cab, the inner lining of the sides, the hinged tailgate and other elements. The length of the loading platform is 1.78 meters, and a wide range of additional attachments and accessories is offered for an additional charge.

In the process of turning the van into a pickup truck, the bottom was reinforced and the opening of the sliding right door was welded. This two-seater pickup truck is aimed at utilities, road workers, builders or farmers. Its carrying capacity reaches 675 kg. At the same time, the technique remains standard. In the European market, Renault Express is offered with a 1.3 petrol turbo unit (100 hp) or a 1.5 Blue dCi turbo diesel (75 or 95 hp), the gearbox is exclusively a 6-speed manual transmission.

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