New Rolls-Royce Ghost and its advanced suspension (video)

New Rolls-Royce Ghost and its advanced suspension (video)


The British company Rolls-Royce has published an animated video, in which he spoke about the suspension of the Ghost sedan new generation. New “smart” chassis called “Planar” includes both the technical and electronic innovations and consists of three elements.

The first of these is the shock absorber control arm Upper Wishbone Damper in the front suspension, which took engineers stamps for three years. In the Rolls-Royce claim that thanks to the innovation movement Ghost will become more “stable” and require no effort.

The second element called Flagbearer is a system of cameras that scan the road a few meters ahead and prepare the suspension for bumps.

Finally, the third part of Satellite Aided Transmission, is the transmission working in tandem with an onboard GPS. Route data, received via satellite, will pre-select the correct gear for an upcoming cornering.


Rolls-Royce Ghost second generation will build on the aluminum platform Architecture of Luxury from the “eighth” Phantom and Cullinan, but with its own characteristics. In addition to the unusual suspension, a “Ghost” for the first time have four-wheel drive transmission and the steering of the rear wheels — the car must have a “bright and vibrant character,” explained the company, so it was nice to ride with a passenger.

Earlier, the British brand published a concise teaser of the sedan, whose design is described by the term “Petroskoi”. The company noted that the new Ghost will be built from scratch: the previous generation it will only signboards and logos.

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