New Rolls Royce Phantom – World’s Most Luxurious Car!

New Rolls Royce Phantom – World’s Most Luxurious Car!


This is the New Rolls Royce Phantom! I got to drive it around Germany and France for a few days and discover its coolest features. When you step inside and close the doors, it’s the world’s quietest car. It’s also in the running for the most lux car in the world too.Thanks for watching fam xo Alex New Merchandise dropping this month on Follow me on:

it’s like a safe getting into the champagne isn’t it there are three doors combination lock on each one of them no seriously look one two three you finally get to the champagne what’s up guys I’m in Frankfurt in Germany finish on beating Deutschland okay fine I said we’ve quite a lot today I have the new rolls-royce phantom now it’s been raining here in Frankfurt and one of the coolest features of rolls-royce is that they have an inbuilt umbrella in the car come look at this open up the back and press this link rolls-royce umbrella how freakin sweet is that you can actually just go online and buy this umbrella for five hundred and fifty dollars all right you could go down to your local scrap yard and buy an entire car yeah but I’d much rather something like this in that goes and to close this back door you just press this little button closes because when you own a royal Rolls Royce II too fancy to close doors on your own just kind of how it works you want me to show for you because that’s what you’re doing wrong this is the thing you guys before I ever drove a rolls-royce I was like you don’t want to drive a rolls-royce their cars to be chauffeured in right then I drove one and then I drove another one and by the second time I was a thousand percent convinced that this is a car you want to drive this is not a car that you just want to be chauffeured in in the back the more and more I Drive them the more I say I love driving a Rolls Royce even though it’s like really heavy and big it doesn’t feel that way and it is such an incredible experience I’m gonna explain why in just a second let’s get in this yellow piping this detail here the yellow stitches on this ice white color look how thick this is oh my goodness that’s crazy you know why in a car like this you should just take your shoes off and just be massaged by the carpet oh and that feels good that feels really good so nice I know a lot of you are new to my channel so if you don’t know who Lucy is she is my Lamborghini Huracan and she has this epic paint job that took three weeks all hand painted I’m now looking to get a second car and I’m pretty much a hundred percent convinced that I should be getting a rolls-royce in a car like this the door is I mean it’s so thick you don’t want to be reaching out like this right so if you don’t know this which I’m sure you do by now Rolls Royce has an epic little button here that closes the door for you jump in jump in okay just listen to how loud it is the whole world disappears all you can hear in this car is the aircon that’s it I love driving my Huracan and one of the reasons for that is because of the sound I even love how it sounds it’s so loud it’s so experiential but that is exactly the reason why I love driving a Rolls Royce because it is the exact opposite experience you don’t hear anything literally nothing like the tram is just going you don’t hear anything nothing in this car have you guys seen the ad that they did with this phantom it called rules rewritten and they have Gwendolyn she’s lady Brienne in Game of Thrones and they used her for this ad and they completely rewrite the rules of a typical rolls-royce driver and what you should do with the rolls-royce usually a rolls-royce you would think okay it’s for 60 year old man who is going to drive it to the Opera and back and his wife will be sitting in the passenger seat stepping out of what is considered normal and within boundaries is exactly what rolls-royce has done with this new ad they are pushing the boundaries they are saying do you know what we don’t have to be like every other brand where we just show the car that’s really sleek it’s all beautiful just being washed it looks in its best condition we’re gonna drive it around some hills we’re gonna do some Beauty shots of the car and Bank there’s your car add boring we have seen this for so many years it’s boring Rolls Royce is like let’s do something different let’s speak to the people this is what we want this is how they’re going to use the car it’s okay for a car to be dirty it’s okay to step out of those boundaries and do something different here is the this is the end the end of all the boring notes might have to well with wrongs I never have staff make sure the Phantom is clean and presentable maintain the correct image expected of a rose the loudest noise you should hear is the ticking of the clock his care must be taken finest gathering Terrence careful darling all scream with me it’s kind of what I’m trying to do with my channel as well a lot of people are like you’re not a typical car reviewer you don’t tell us all the car stats you don’t you don’t know what you’re talking about all of this right actually I’m trying to do something different there are so many channels that do all of that and they do it really really well there are lots of car journalists doing a fantastic job I want to do things differently there are no rules it’s YouTube there are no freaking worlds you can do whatever you want within reason obviously and you can’t have people just tell you your whole life what you’re allowed to do and what is acceptable and what’s not many of us just want to fit in that’s how we feel our best as people right we fit in everyone accepts us and because we’re not doing anything differently so you can fit in but you won’t stand up fitting in is easy but guys if you want to be successful in life you’ve got to do something different you’ve got to push the boundaries and you’ve got to go through that hurt and that pain to get there you know this journey has not been easy for me it has been really a grind you may look at this channel and go oh my god she just gets given all of these cars but to get to that point guys it’s not been easy and so I just wanted to to let you know I know a lot of you and new to my channel you don’t really know my journey and where I’ve come from I grew up in a very small country town of 3,000 people and I was given a very good education by my parents I’m very very grateful for that they sent me to a good school and university and then after that I was like just off you go do something with your life that’s what was expected of me I didn’t get any more support after that I ate copper noodles every day at university I was working two jobs on the side of my studies this was not just given to me I really worked hard to get to where I am today I’m gonna do a whole other vlog of supercar blondie journey and so look out for that video that will be coming out really soon this is like their top of the range four hundred and fifty thousand dollars I’m driving actually I’m driving even more than that because four hundred and fifty thousand dollars is like entrance level phantom and then you get all the options on top which this car does have this is actually customizable you can have your own style compilation in the roof press that it’s a six point seven five liter v12 twin turbo and it produces 563 horsepower they have managed to move two and a half tons worth of car zero to 100 in just over five seconds which is when you think about it quicker than any normal family all right I think this guy knows me because he’s got his very little kids so I just pulled over to see hang on whoopsie hello my okay sorry fine this comes out and this is where you control all of what’s on the dashboard which is actually not called the dashboard it’s called the Galleria in this car and I’ll talk about that in a second but from here the control you can go into the Spirit of Ecstasy here and then control whether you want it up or down at the moment it’s obsolete slower it gone I wouldn’t ever want to drive a Rolls without seeing the Spirit of Ecstasy personally okay let me raise it up even if you’re a park somewhere and someone tries to spiel but steal your spirit of ecstasy because it’s made of diamonds or whatever if you do try and do that if you try and pull it off that’s what happens two massive suitcases in the back no issues so it’s not just a big car but it’s practical you can fit things inside Oh voila there you go now this bit here is actually called the gallery it’s like an art gallery because all of this behind the glass can be customized they have some standard options like this one here but if you wanted to what you could do is get for example a painting of you and your family and put it behind the glass and have it as a gallery you can basically do whatever you want the only thing is it still has to be crash-tested what is so beautiful is this is just one panel of glass running across here which is really cool and it means you don’t get any fingerprints on anything here behind the glass it all just stays pristine there’s an extra glove box it’s just the normal one here that you have in most cars right and then this one here as well this is the button for that and that pops open you can keep some knickknacks in there okay so here we are in the back which I haven’t sat in yet yeah like literally got pillows it’s gonna close this the door close button is here what it gets Rocky which it never does ever a volume up and down button you can control from the back as well look you’ve got a little volume up button here volume down and this is quite cool if you want your feet up but this whole mat raises that makes such a difference to your back like an old person but honestly I do get back issues and I’ve actually just takes all the tension off your lower back oh my god I’m getting so old let’s see what goodies are in the center here there’s no button for this one which is surprising pull that out and then button and you there be a button somewhere we love buttons so this is how you control everything from the back if you’re being chauffeured you can go to the menu you can do whatever you want this button here is going to control this left screen so let’s bring that out boom look at that there’s a decent-sized screen is that and then this is how you can put on the massage as well you can put your massage on in the backseat and then you can fold out the rights and watch whatever you want in the back okay let’s close with this one do you know what Nick said to me make us behind the camera he said if I had a Rolls Royce I’d get rid of all the stars and I just put a big dollar sign what why would you want a dollar sign I’ve never thought of that before maybe you can know what’s already cooling look at this yes nice rolls-royce champagne glasses where’s the champagne that’s my mistake forgot to I’ll look how nicely chilled they are well if I did have any champagne you know I would put it here boom there you go it’s like a safe getting into the champagne isn’t it there are three doors combination lock on each one of them no seriously look one two three you finally get to the champagne that’s like a kids safe my turn my turn what what is this are you wearing Super Colon [ __ ] no you are oh my god they they will drop very soon we got the first the first Super Comp and et feel good they look really cool each other but they’re not to be released all right fine under embargo okay okay however this one is currently sold out but they will relaunch yep okay and pretty much in a few weeks awesome oh my god first-ever super careful indie t-shirts I can’t wait to show you it looks pretty cool I think we’ve got a few different designs coming out um and we’re under approval stage at the moment so as soon as we get them out we’ll let you guys know so the shop is in the description underneath this video you can go sign up as soon as we drop the t-shirts you will be the first to know when they have been dropped very very very limited numbers so you got to get in quick so go to the shop now register yourself and then we will send you an email as soon as they are out gonna make hoodies to please keyrings hoodies we got stickers coming we’ve got t-shirts we’ve got caps it’s all happening it’s exciting hope you’ve liked to these please give us a quick thumbs up subscribe to my account if you haven’t yet we get access to the best card in the world this is where you gonna see them we’re out love you bye

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