New seven-seat crossover Chery unexpectedly caught on the street

New seven-seat crossover Chery unexpectedly caught on the street


Seven-seat crossover Chery Tiggo 8 – the biggest Chinese SUV manufacturer. This model was spotted on public roads in an updated form.

Crossover Chery Tiggo 8 appeared in the model lineup of the brand not so long ago – in 2018. At the same time in 2019-th family crossover has undergone an update. But the company does not stop, after all, seen the prototype test demonstrates another change.

Interestingly, these frequent updates Chinese manufacturers are practicing in case of unsatisfactory sales. However, Chery Tiggo 8 well entrenched in the market. For example, the big crossover was the best selling model of Chery. Apparently, another restyling is designed to strengthen the good results.


New Chery Tigo 8 2020, judging by the photos, will get new bumpers, other exterior lamps and the front grille. Most likely, the design in the style of a premium crossover Exeed TXL, which also deals with the company Chery.

Interestingly, Tiggo 8 after updating for the first time may get optional all-wheel drive system. First major crossover offered exclusively with front-wheel drive. To Chinese market the novelty will be released before the end of 2020.

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