New Sportage want everything: Korean SUV sets new record

New Sportage want everything: Korean SUV sets new record


KIA Korea announced today that the revamped KIA Sportage, the fifth version of the South Korean mid-size SUV, has collected 16,078 pre-orders on its first day.

This is the second record for a Korean brand after Sorento and the highest in the mid-size SUV segment. The highest record for a brand in its home market – 18 941 copies of the 4th generation Sorento in the first day since the start of accepting orders.

With this, KIA has once again confirmed the brand’s potential as a renowned SUV manufacturer, while at the same time proving that the new Sportage has established itself as the leading model in the mid-size SUV market.

From launch in 1993 to May last year, a total of 6,136,357 units were sold worldwide, making it the first KIA model to surpass global cumulative sales of 6 million units.

The secret to the popularity of the new Sportage lies in the innovativeness of the bodywork that has grown to the mid-range and in a large number of advanced specifications favored by the younger generation.

Building on the dynamic sensibility of nature, the new Sportage has been enhanced with a design that stands out for its striking appearance through the use of bold and complex elements. This is the first domestic mid-size SUV with a panoramic curved display. However, all the details about the new product became known just a few days ago.

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