New style of the tiny cross-over Opel Mokka in the Ukrainian car dealerships Brandu: varto bachichi and testuvati!


Nayochіkuvanіsha and “hot” novelty 2021 rocky from Opel arrived in Ukraine: play a new crossover Opel Mokka, which is a performance for knowledge in dealerships for Brand. I sing, Opel Mokka can welcome you!

And the new Opel Mokka prepared a lot of cool details: the new Opel Vizor body design with a great black glossy insert in the front part, a new concept for the Opel Pure Panel interior with great contrast displays, a very high-tech design. So, the basis of the car is the modern CMP platform, and under the hood, gasoline turbo motors Direct Injection Turbo are installed with a capacity of 100 hp. or 130 c.s. – moreover, a more tense dvigun pratsyuє in a pair with an advanced 8-speed automatic transmission. The complete set of the Opel Mokka crossover can be delighted with the functions that have previously been used in vehicles of the same class: >

Moreover, all the equipment is included in the Elegance package, with the Opel Mokka starting in Ukraine. Buyers will have to vibrate less type of power unit: 100-horsepower 1.2-liter engine in pair with 6-speed manual transmission or 130-horsepower engine in pair with 8-speed automatic transmission. Along with the customer’s next vibration, the color and the casing of the car, in addition to the maximum possible display of vivid individuality: a wide range of options in the main body color, three options for the color of the body, and the possibility of replacing the contrasting black hood!

The price of the new Opel Mokka Elegance will start at the mark 578 300 UAH. for the version with a 100-horsepower engine and mechanics. Option with pulling force 130 c.s. і 8-speed automatic transmission will be sold for a price of 657 500 UAH.

Would you like to know especially about the stylish youthful crossover Opel Mokka? Would you like to take a test drive and change in the yogo pass? Do you want to “smack your eyes with your own hands” and “see with your own hands”? So go to the official Opel dealers and sign up for a test drive of the new Opel Mokka right at once: do not contribute knowledge about the car of your world for tomorrow!

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  • MedialexApril 4, 2021 22:51

    Although it is definitely an unfinished replica, I would be interested in contact details, anyway. Maybe this could be an interesting project.

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