New Subaru WRX: What is known?

New Subaru WRX: What is known?


The next generation Subaru WRX has finally been officially revealed. The company has launched a teaser campaign for the upcoming model featuring a sports sedan on a mountain in front of the sun.

Unfortunately, the model is very dark in the picture. However, when trying to lighten it, you can see some details. Unfortunately, the design hasn’t changed much from the current Subaru WRX. In fact, we can assume that this is just an updated model. Although we know this is not the case.

“The newest WRX will arrive so quickly it will take your breath away. The legendary WRX gets a whole new, even more exciting chapter. The world premiere of the Subaru WRX will take place soon, and you can see it live, ”says the caption to the picture.

The new WRX is reportedly powered by a 2.4-liter FA24 turbocharged four-cylinder engine. In the Ascent, Legacy and Outback, this powerplant develops 260 hp. power 376 Nm of torque. Although in the most “charged” model of the brand, the recoil can change.

It is not yet clear when the new WRX will arrive, but we expect it to happen soon. Initially, the premiere of the model was supposed to take place in 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic has made some adjustments.

For now, Subaru is only talking about the standard WRX, but a new STI may also be coming soon. It allegedly uses a high-performance version of a 2.4-liter turbocharged engine that can have around 400bhp. power and 490 Nm of torque.

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