New supercar Maserati black and white in honor of Stirling moss

New supercar Maserati black and white in honor of Stirling moss


Maserati released a new batch of photos of the prototype mid-engine supercar MC20, whose debut will take place before the end of the year. Dvuhdverka again appeared in the serial the back, but this time it covers camouflage coloring, serving as a kind of tribute respect for sir Stirling moss, legendary British racing driver, who died April 12.

On this day, may 13, 1956 Stirling moss driving a Maserati 250F won victory in the Monaco Grand Prix, lidereau for all 100 laps of grueling racing. However, the coloring of the prototype MC20 refers not to 250F, and the more recent Maserati Eldorado. He wears the title of the first single-seater race car sponsor of which was the brand, not associated with the world of Motorsport. We are talking about the company Eldorado, the ice cream maker.

In 1958 on the track in Monza moss, who played at Eldorado, ranked seventh in the first three stages. Rise above don’t let a broken steering. The car got only minor damage, proving the strength of the design, which used the chassis of the 250F and handmade Atelier Fantuzzi aluminum body.


During his career, sir Stirling moss repeatedly sat behind the wheel of a Maserati, among whom were Birdcage Tipo 60 and Tipo 61, 300 S.

Along with MC20 Italian brand intends to recall its sports history and return to the world of racing. However, information about the car are still scarce, including the engine. According to one version MC20 will get a new row “six”, actively testing the FCA, on the other biturbomotor 2.9 V6 from Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Giulia and the GTA. In addition, in the line, you may receive a rechargeable hybrid.

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