New SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee lost air suspension

New SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee lost air suspension


According to Mopar Insiders, the US has removed the advanced Quadra-Lift suspension from the Jeep configurator.

The American company Jeep has deprived the new Grand Cherokee L SUV of air suspension called Quadra-Lift. Recall that the adaptive air suspension Quadra-Lift with a closed air circuit increases the off-road characteristics of the Grand Cherokee L. Thus, thanks to the air suspension, the ford depth reaches 610 mm, and the ground clearance varies in the range of 107 mm, with 277 mm appearing under the bottom in the upper position.

Before the global shortage of microchips, Quadra-Lift racks were included in the basic equipment of three top versions of the Jeep Grand Cherokee L SUV, and American “classmates” did not have such a system. Jeep officials did not tell local reporters how long the electronic component shortage would last. After simplifying the chassis, the most expensive Grand Cherokee L SUVs fell by $ 750, the same amount will be refunded to customers who have already pre-ordered an SUV with air suspension.

Recall that in August this year, due to a lack of microchips, Jeep was forced to suspend production of Gladiator pickups, so switching to a conventional spring suspension instead of air struts is an even lesser evil in the current situation.

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