New Taycan 4S from Porsche is shown at the auto show in Los Angeles

New Taycan 4S from Porsche is shown at the auto show in Los Angeles


At the motor show in Los Angeles German Corporation showed an electric sports car Porsche Taycan in the variation 4S.

Initially, the brand showed Taycan exclusively in the most powerful and expensive versions: Turbo (680 HP) and Turbo S (HP 761), but now the brand has shown a variation 4S, externally characterized by the presence of another form of front air intake, a different diffuser, exclusive wheels in 19 inch and brake calipers red.

The new model has four-wheel drive system and has 2 electric motor, however, the main technical feature is more compact synchronous power unit on the rear axle, having a length of 130 mm. At the same time, 2-speed gearbox saved.


Maximum performance Taycan 4S with the battery Performance on 79,2 kWh is 530 HP in Addition offers a battery of 93.4 kWh, and in this case, the peak capacity will increase to 571 HP

Depending on the battery’s changing charging performance: 225 kW in the standard version and 270 kW at variations Plus. Mileage per charge will vary: 407 and 463 km for the standard WLTP respectively. But the choice of battery has no effect on the dynamic characteristics: the novelty can accelerate to first “hundred” in just 4 seconds and the maximum speed of 250 km/h.

New on the market will be in January 2020, at the same time the price is announced exclusively for the United States: at least 104 000 to $ 151 000 $ for the Turbo variation.

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