New technology Hyundai will save on sound insulation

New technology Hyundai will save on sound insulation


The company introduced a new system of active noise cancellation.

Hyundai has developed a new system of active noise reduction, which successfully fights with extraneous sounds entering the cabin when driving. Its sensors and computing unit faster detect and analyze the signals, reducing the average noise level by three decibels.

The system development APPROACH (Road Noise Active Noise Control) and its commercialization took six years. This Hyundai helped researchers from the Korean Institute of advanced technology, which at the stage of adaptation to mass production joined the staff of Harman. The location of the system sensors and algorithms selection signal for muting, the company has patents in Korea and North America.


Using data from the accelerometer, the RANC unit calculates the vibration, and the Central computer analyzes the incoming noise from the road. Computation and signal transmission digital signal processor via the loudspeakers allow sound wave in antiphase, takes 0.002 seconds. For comparison: the current system of active noise control is required 0,009 seconds. Moreover, the analysis happens in real time individually for the driver, passenger and second row seats.

The average noise level decreases by three decibels, the company said that it is two times less than the value recorded in the car without THEM. In the future technology would like to extend to models with electric or hydrogen power plants. It will also help to reduce their weight by reducing the amount of noise insulation materials.

Earlier, Hyundai announced the completion of the world’s first “smart” cruise control, which is based on methods of machine learning. This system is able to self-learn, dynamically analyzing behavioral scenarios.

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