New technology will allow you to charge your phone from anywhere in your car

New technology will allow you to charge your phone from anywhere in your car


Yank Technologies company, which became one of participants the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, showed how the future might look like automotive wireless charging.

Today, wireless Qi chargers are offered by many automakers. In Yank decided to make this technology more versatile. They used three dimensional antenna arrays and advanced amplifiers, to be able to charge your gadgets from any point of the car. Technology is completely wireless and does not require physical contact between the smartphone and a charger, says foreign portal All that is required is that the phone supported wireless charging or wireless charging was connected to the device.

New from Yank allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously, and can also be used to power the built-in components of cars, such as electric mirrors.


Those who are afraid of harm from radio waves, used in the charging system, Yank Technologies quieted their system offers 30 watts of charging power, emits only 0.06 watts per kilogram of radio wave radiation. For comparison, the same mobile phone during a call emits from 1.1 to 1.5 W / kg. If modern phones work with Wi-Fi, the new technology of Yank deals with a range of low ISM frequency [MHz].

“The higher the frequency, the higher the levels of your electric field, and in turn, the more harmful it becomes the diagram of radiation. Thus, despite the fact that we transmit more power than a phone in terms of radiation, the new system safer,” – said the company.

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