New “the GAZelle” has learned to follow the “blind” zone

New “the GAZelle” has learned to follow the “blind” zone


Light commercial vehicle of new generation “GAZelle NN” will start production next year.

Gorky automobile plant on the exhibition Comtrans 2019 introduced a light commercial vehicle “GAZelle NN” the new generation. The sale of the car should begin in 2021. Driver available for about 30 assistance systems: a monitoring system “blind” zones, camera 360 degrees, adaptive cruise control, automatic braking and restraint system in the traffic lane. Also the car received a Parking assistant and a system of monitoring tire pressure.


“GAZelle NN” built on a new intellectual platform. Inside the car — the driver’s seat with 20-way adjustable, entertainment system with 9-inch screen and TFT display. In addition, the car was the Keyless entry and engine start, and climate control. The new instrument panel has eight USB connectors, the output of the charger to 220V, niche for smart phones, plastic cards cups of coffee and bottles of water.

The company said that a number of technical improvements have allowed to significantly reduce noise and vibration. In turn, the increase in life and reliability of key components were directed more than 50 structural and technological changes.

The exhibition showed a flatbed truck “GAZelle NN”. Later on the new platform there will be other models of light commercial vehicles. To a new platform can be installed a wide range of internal combustion engines (diesel, gas, petrol) and electric powertrains.

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