New three-wheeled car was a 1600-kilometer range

New three-wheeled car was a 1600-kilometer range


Carmaker Aptera from the United States in 2011, suffered bankruptcy, but has recently recovered its position. The brand introduced an interesting tricycle. The car has got a teardrop-shaped body at two places, as well as a new motor.


Each wheel has its new electric power plant at 68 horsepower. The front wheels will work in normal modes, and during sudden increases in speed connects and back. The batteries are located under the seats and behind the backrests. Battery capacity depends on the version – proposes indicators 40, 60 and 100 kW.h.

The most powerful battery will allow the car to drive more than one thousand six hundred kilometers. Using high-speed charging you can get another three hundred kilometers in just 30 minutes.

The car body made of composite materials. Attach additional strengthening metal alloys. At the moment we only know that the ground version with an average battery will be about 800 pounds.

The interior of the car is minimalistic, it has a display that displays the picture from rear view camera. In the wheel of a rectangular shape has a digital instrument panel. The multimedia system also has a large vertical screen.


As of today, Aptera is looking for investors who will help in the creation of three prototypes of the car. Such operation will result in approximately $ 2.5 million. If plans don’t change, next year the car will be officially presented, after which the model is certified and released for sale.

The first version of the Aptera had a similar design and was published in 2007. At that time it was proposed to equip the machine with a diesel, hybrid or petrol engine, which will consume about two liters per hundred kilometers.

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