New Tiguan? The head of VW leaked photos of the new model


Coronavirus right now re-formats the automotive industry: like other areas, the car industry is massively moving to “udalenka”. At least those areas where it is technically possible – including process development and design.

The head of VW’s Herbert Diess has personally shared his company’s success on LinkedIn, stating that the firm first launched the technology of online design new models. In his post there is a picture of the doctor on the background of the video screen, which shows clearly the image of a bright red SUV. Just this image and puzzled audience.

The fact that this crossover is very similar to the VW Tiguan the new generation, as its design is clearly visible features of the current “Golf”. Interestingly, in his text Herbert Diess paid a lot of attention and the prospects for, and design of the new “Tiguan”, although his debut will take place not earlier than in a few years.


On the other hand, the image may be nothing more than an attractive figure: it is possible, the head of VW was used as a background one of the selected design options for the appearance of future trends. Choose one concept from several proposed, and the abundance of search sketches – a standard practice of many manufacturers.

Before you change the generation, VW Tiguan should survive the planned facelift, which according to the latest data scheduled for this year. Crossover-promised transformation into a full-fledged hybrid, as well as “charged” modification with the letter R.

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