New tourist BMW R18 Transcontinental 2022

New tourist BMW R18 Transcontinental 2022


A highly anticipated option from the Bavarian manufacturer who made a full-fledged touring bike based on the BMW R18. Nice try to bite off the big tourists’ pie shared by H-D and Indian.

The new BMW R18 Transcontinental 2022 comes with a full body kit with a full set of trunks, a 10.25-inch LCD screen and a navigation system, Marshall Amplification audio system. It is based on a large BMW air / oil cooled engine. The 110 kg unit produces 90 hp. (67 kW) and a torque of 158 Nm at 3000 rpm. The motor works with a six-speed gearbox. The Transcontinental boasts smoother downshifts and an optional electric motor-powered reverse gear.

The R18 Transcontinental, like other R18 models, has a nickel-plated exposed propeller shaft, although it is more difficult to see behind the saddlebags and larger exhaust. Each side case holds 27 liters, while the top case holds 48 liters. Volume may decrease if larger speakers are selected.

A glove compartment with a connector for charging gadgets is integrated into the fuel tank. The main instruments are analog (fuel indicator, speedometer, tachometer and battery indicator), and the rest of the information is displayed on a large LCD screen. The Marshall Amplification sound system comes standard with two speakers, but there are options with four or six, including a sub and amplifier.

ABS is standard on all 300mm discs. Adaptive cruise control is available as an option. Among other electronic systems, we will single out the exchange rate stability system, dynamic cruise, three modes, engine braking control system. All optics are LED. Adaptive headlights are available as an option. Heated saddle is standard.

The fuel tank holds 24 liters of gasoline. With all liquids, the bike weighs 426 kg.

The price of the BMW R18 Transcontinental 2022 starts at $ 24,995.

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