New Toyota Bj: the brand’s first all-electric car

New Toyota Bj: the brand’s first all-electric car


AutoExpress portal shared the first images of the new product.

The new Toyota BZ will be an all-electric model. The car will be similar in size to the Toyota RAV4 crossover, while the wheelbase of the novelty will be larger. It is reported that the electric car will be the first electric product of cooperation between Toyota and Subaru.

It is worth noting that the exact name of the new product has not yet been published. However, not so long ago, Toyota patented several trademarks with the name from BZ1 to BZ5. As for the combination of the letters B and Z, they mean “Beyond Zero”.

Based on the fact that the new product will be built on the e-TNGA platform, it can be assumed that the car can be with front, rear or all-wheel drive, and can also be equipped with a different number of electric motors and batteries of different capacities. According to Toyota, the model is in development, technical specifications and other details will be published in the coming months.

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