New tricycle Can-Am Ryker 2019 will conquer the market with rich complete set and best price

New tricycle Can-Am Ryker 2019 will conquer the market with rich complete set and best price

Canadian company BRP, the manufacturer of equipment for active leisure introduced a new tricycle Can-Am Ryker. A new device on three wheels of course reminiscent of the well-known model Can-Am Spyder, but the “Riker” has something to boast.

The emergence of a new model will definitely refresh the market trekhkolesnogo and attract to the products of the brand, those buyers who previously simply couldn’t afford the Spyder because of its high cost.

New Can-AM Ryker will be powered by a choice of two inline engines Rotax Ace – two-cylinder 600 CC and a three-cylinder 900 CC. The power of the motors is 47 and 77 horsepower, respectively, more powerful model, there is a mode “Sport”. The cost of the version with the motor 600 cubes starts from 8 $ 499. With the motor 900 cubic centimeters, the price tag Can-Am Ryker starts from 9 $ 999. Every trike can be personalized. First, the manufacturer offers as many as 12 variants of colors, special overlays that will give trico a unique style. Second, all the models received a very interesting chip – the UFit system, through which any tricycle can “tweak” any rider from the point of view of ergonomics.

For the very reasonable price of tricycle Can-Am Ryker 2019 has everything you need for modern life of a typical tricyclist.) “Ryker” СVT automatic CVT transmission speeds (simply – CVT), a color display instrument panel, there are dual USB port and has a little rack of 7 liters, which can fit, for example, a helmet. However, the volume of the fuel tank is 20 liters.

But that’s not all, new from BRP received as many as 5 additional supporting systems: the stabilization system SCS system, traction control TCS, anti-lock brakes ABS, anti-theft system D. E. S. S., and the HHC system, which works together with the brake system and helps to keep the tricycle in the beginning of the movement when descending or climbing a slope. It is curious that the tricycle is really original, unlike his brother at the Can-Am Ryker of the propeller drive.

Besides the usual Ken-Er Riker is offered another version of Can-AM Rally Ryker that our database is with 77-horsepower engine. Unlike the classic Can-Am rally Ryker have more advanced suspension apparatus, there is a protection against stones, set of rally tires, rally seat, and most importantly, there is a corresponding operation mode “Rally”. =) The cost of the game apparatus 10 starts from $ 999.

Recall that in the product lines not only BRP trike, there are snowmobiles Ski-Doo and Lynx, jet ski, Sea-Doo, Quad bikes and all terrain vehicles Can-Am Roadster three wheel Can-Am Spyder, mounted motors for water technology Evinrude and Rotax, as well as engines for karts, motorcycles and aircraft of tehniki. Plus line of parts, accessories and clothing. The sales volume is about 4.2 billion canadian dollars a year. Products officially sold in about one hundred countries. In the company’s divisions worldwide and employs about 8 700 people.

According to the presented in the financial report of the company data, for the fiscal year of the company ended on 31 January 2018, BRP has received a record revenue of 4.49 billion canadian dollars (8% more than the year before).

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