New TruCam speed record

New TruCam speed record


On the Kiev-Odessa highway, the police recorded a record speed of 251 km/h. This was announced by the first Deputy chief of the Patrol police Alexey Beloshitsky.

The violator was a Mercedes-Benz S500. In fact, this is its maximum speed, because the limiter of the sedan is set at 250 km/h. Imagine how much faster the Mercedes would have gone without the limiter.

On this section, there is a speed limit of 110 km/h, that is, exceeded it by 141 km/h. It is noteworthy that the violation was recorded not by cameras, but by patrol officers with TruCam radar.

Naturally, the owner of the Mercedes S500 was issued a fine, but its amount is only 510 hryvnia. It is unlikely that this will hit his pocket very hard.

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