New VW Golf failed the “elk test” (video)

New VW Golf failed the “elk test” (video)


Spanish edition conducted tests of the Volkswagen Golf and the eighth generation shared the results. The German car lost changeovers at speed of 69 kilometers per hour.

One of the most difficult challenges for car – “elk test” – checks the handling at high speed: the machine has to make sudden maneuvers, while not hitting cones.

Golf failed the test, showed oversteer, wagged his stern, and knocked the cones, when the speedometer showed more than 69 kilometers per hour. Best score hatchback revealed at the speed of 43 kilometers per hour. The test of “snake” he performed perfectly, in spite of the easy glide rear wheels: electronic stability time involved in the process and helped to align the car.


Journalists called the test failed and said that the top speed Golf – “a very low figure for such a car.” Despite this, he coped better than Mercedes-Benz CLA 2019, which experienced a “moose test” in April, he was hit by the cones is already at the speed of 66 kilometers per hour.

Volkswagen Golf seventh generation performed “perestavku” is much better: in 2017, he demonstrated sufficient agility at the speed of 76 kilometers per hour.

Also the new Golf Passat inferior to the kindred who managed without “corrections” to drive the track, speeding up to 73 miles per hour. At higher speeds the car started to slip beyond the strip.

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