New Wiesmann sports car will be the most powerful model of the brand

New Wiesmann sports car will be the most powerful model of the brand


We waited for the premiere in Frankfurt, but the company decided to postpone the debut: watch a new batch of teasers.

A sports car with a retrodizayn (what, in fact, was famous firm Wiesmann), received its own name: it is called Project Gecko. The Germans are not explained yet, which means this title, and on the way to mass production, it can vary, but, apparently, some meaning in the name they put in. Maybe it has something to do with geckos?

As previously reported, the powerplant for the sports car will borrow from BMW’s M5, where the 4.4-litre V8 can develop up to 625 HP From “emka” will lend and 8-speed transmission. But, as said company, Project Gecko will be only rear wheel drive. And, apparently, very exciting in the driving process.

And not only in 3.5 seconds to 100 km/h or 320 km/h top speed promised by the manufacturer. Gecko Project to develop a new platform – easy, with an integrated tubular frame and perfect weight distribution thanks to the placement of the engine within the wheelbase. According to preliminary data, the novelty of Wiesmann will get fully independent suspension on two wishbone with manual control and brakes with larger ventilated discs and calipers sectionseven.


Body design, apparently, will beat all the same favorite company retractive, and we know that much innovation in this area will not. But to reduce the “flying weight” Gecko Project the Germans are going through the extensive use of carbon fiber. In General, the new car should be the most powerful and dynamic work Wiesmann – especially considering that the company is preparing for a spectacular revival since 2013, after the attempted bankruptcy.

The Germans are planning to manage to demonstrate the novelty in the current year, but sales will begin only in 2020.

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