NHTSA asks Tesla why it didn’t recall the “problematic” autopilot after the update.

NHTSA asks Tesla why it didn’t recall the “problematic” autopilot after the update.


The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration continues its investigation into Tesla’s proprietary autopilot. Now the supervisory authority has sent a letter to the company asking why it did not recall its electric cars after the next update in the driver assistance system.

In September, Tesla upgraded its “autopilot” with wireless updates so that the system could better detect emergency vehicles pulled up on the side of the road. The automaker went for such an upgrade after 12 accidents involving electric cars and emergency vehicles.

According to the law, after updating the electronics with which problems arose, the brand had to announce a recall of the cars and check the functionality of the new system.

As a reminder, with the new feature, Tesla electric cars will be able to detect flashing lights of emergency vehicles in low light conditions. Tesla must respond to the claims of the regulatory body by November 1.

The agency also raised questions about the company’s Full Self-Driving beta, which was released in October 2020.

In particular, the supervisor expressed disagreement with the restrictions that the brand imposed on test participants. They have signed a nondisclosure agreement that prevents NHTSA from obtaining data related to security.

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