Nicknamed “Cerberus”: a GAZ 24 with V8 engine

Nicknamed “Cerberus”: a GAZ 24 with V8 engine


Ukrainian Vitaly master Conceited a simple garage on the outskirts of the city built a real monster for drift – Cerberus. The GAS 24 is equipped with 5-liter engine from Ford installed on it by the compressor and this is the most unusual and unique car that we saw.

Technically, the GAZ 24 Cerberus has no analogues in the world, the car is fully created and assembled by hand, and those components and assemblies which were taken from the vehicles was beyond the maximum of “custom”. The car body rests on a spatial frame which is integral with a safety cage of the car. Under the hood, installed an upgraded V8 Ford 5 liter.

For best performance, was installed the compressor through which the engine power exceeds 350 HP, but the main “trump card” of the motor’s wild torque which allows you to destroy dozens of wheels for one training.


The suspension on this car was also created manually. No rubber in the suspension bushings, instead of them fully custom hinges for the levers consists of three industrial bearings. This was done to improve the reliability of the suspension, and as he says Vitali is to break such a suspension is almost impossible.

The Cerberus is completely absent electronic engine control unit, all settings are made manually, and therefore this car can drift even in the face of nuclear war. Vitali despite the level of customisation of Cerberus was able to retain the appearance of GAS 24, though with an emphasis on the mad world of Mad Max.

In the cabin you are met by a safety cage and one sports chair, sorry party members in the back seat will not mess with.

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