Nikola Badger: another competitor Теsla Cybertruck

Nikola Badger: another competitor Теsla Cybertruck


Never heard about the American manufacturer of Nikola? Nothing strange, because this company is specializiruetsya on the development elektromotoren tractors. Now, thanks to the accumulated technologies, the company decided to test their strength in the class of trucks.


Presented SUV is named Badger (from English. “badger”), is a pickup with a relatively large battery and hydrogen fuel cells. But for buyers also will be available and a fully electric version. Given the dimensions of the truck – 5900 mm length, 1850 mm and height 2160 mm width. The length of the cargo compartment is 1560 mm.

Among the stated features – 917 HP peak power of the power plant, 1329 Nm of torque, acceleration to 97 km/h in 2.9 s. But for such a vehicle in the priority of other characteristics, because the manufacturer positions the Badger in the first place as a working tool. For example, the declared the presence of a 15-kilowatt output “to use power tools, lights and compressors to provide 12-hour robot on the construction site without the use of a generator”.

According to the presented data, the battery capacity is 160 kW?h, while the fuel cell system generates 120 kW. With a fully charged battery and full tank of hydrogen pickup will be able to travel up to 600 miles (about 966 km) without using hydrogen 300 miles (483 km). And the driver will be able to choose which energy source to use.

As for the need for such a vehicle infrastructure by the end of this quarter, the company Nikola plans to select locations for the construction of 700 of hydrogen filling stations.

Officially, the pick-up will be presented in Phoenix (the headquarters of the company is located there) for the event Nikola World 2020, is scheduled for this fall. Where it will collect the pick-UPS are not yet known. On the other hand, official data indicate that the production of Badger will occur in cooperation with another car manufacturer (which is also unspecified). The first pickups will come off the conveyor at the end of 2021.

The competitive environment for Nikola Badger provided. In addition to the acclaimed Тesla Cybertruck soon be on the production line should be electric GMC Hummer and electropica Rivian.

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