Ninth premiere of “fast & Furious” was postponed for an entire year

Ninth premiere of “fast & Furious” was postponed for an entire year


Original new part of the franchise was to show, on 22 may, but something went wrong. And we can assume that it is.

The announcement of the postponement of the premiere appeared on the official account of the Fast and Furious 9 in social networks. In particular, in the recording on Twitter indicated that the project decided to postpone the premiere for 2021: the tentative date is named on 2 April. By the way, presumably in the account, posted just a screenshot, and the authorship of the original text belongs to VIN Diesel.

Directly to the coronavirus filmmakers do not refer, mentioning only the “General security”. Not reported on any possible problems in the filming process. So the only obvious reason for the postponement of the premiere can be considered as the fears of lack of fees: if the film will be released in the midst of the pandemic and all-out bans mass events, the cinemas will be too few fans of the franchise.

And they have prepared a full range of traditional entertainment, including car chases, shootings, explosions, fights, and violation of all known laws of physics. In the story the details the creators of the ninth “fast and Furious” for obvious reasons, don’t get bogged down, but the main surprise should be the return of Khan Liu – hero actor Sona Kahn, who was presumed dead in the stories in “Triple fast and the furious”.

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