NIO does not charge, but changes batteries

NIO does not charge, but changes batteries


The station was created as part of a partnership between NIO and Sinopec. The first one was created in Beijing. This second generation station is the first of its kind to allow a vehicle to automatically enter a station.

Each NIO Power Swap Station 2.0 is equipped with 239 sensors and four interoperable cloud computing systems, allowing users to swap the battery themselves with a click from inside the vehicle. The system can replace up to 312 batteries per day, which is three times faster than the first generation station.

With the help of NIO, the company plans to install 5,000 battery charging and replacement stations throughout China.

In addition to collaborating to create Power Swap Station 2.0, Sinopec and NIO have signed a strategic partnership where the brand will interact in areas such as new materials, smart electric vehicle technology, battery as a service, and car shopping and convenience. p>

Sinopec added that it is moving from traditional sales of petroleum products to an integrated energy service provider for oil, gas, hydrogen, electricity and other businesses.

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