NIO Gemini: what does China’s Tesla prepare?

NIO Gemini: what does China’s Tesla prepare?


The Gemini project has already surfaced in the media some time ago. Then the Chinese analysts concluded that under this name would be an entry-level model.

Now co-founder of NIO startup Qin Lihong, speaking at an event in Harbin, explained that Gemini is the codename for a new product that will hit the market next year.

We could not find out more details about the project. However, according to, the model will not be positioned as a budget model, the NIO brand is interested in maintaining the status of a premium manufacturer.

The media first learned about Gemini from the JAC NIO tender, which appeared in early May. In the same tender, it was said about the construction of a new production line with a capacity of 60 thousand vehicles per year specifically for a promising model.

Note that it was precisely because of such a large circulation that rumors circulated that Gemini was a state employee. Moreover, it was assumed that it will be released under a new brand. A little later, information appeared that this name hides a whole family, and not one car.

It is worth emphasizing that on June 4, NIO launched the process of selecting cities for the NIO Day event, which is usually held at the end or beginning of the year. Usually new production NIO models will debut there. For example, the previous NIO Day 2020 was held on January 9 in Chengdu city, which was chosen by voting among the brand owners. The ET7 flagship sedan was also presented there.

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