NIO stops production of electric cars

NIO stops production of electric cars


Manufacturers of the car brand NIO have stopped production of electrified vehicles due to a lack of semiconductors.

In addition to NIO, many automakers need microcircuits. Most manufacturers are forced to stop assembling cars, as the Taiwanese partners have not yet solved the problem with the release of microcircuits.

Of course, all contracts for their deliveries were broken, so there was simply no choice left and the production of electric cars had to be stopped.

We are talking about a five-day suspension of the JAC-NIO plant in the Chinese city of Hefei, where cars will not be produced for a week from March 29.

Because of this, the forecasted quarterly number of cars left the assembly line fell by 1 thousand pieces – from 20.5 thousand to 19.5 thousand copies.

Representatives of the concern have no doubt that immediately after the resumption of work activities, they will be able to quickly reduce the resulting shortage of production of machines equipped with an electric motor.

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