Nissan and Mitsubishi to release electric cars for $18,000

Nissan and Mitsubishi to release electric cars for $18,000


Nissan and Mitsubishi, which together with Renault and Lada brands form a single alliance, are jointly preparing two electric cars for the Japanese market. They will cost about $ 18,400, according to Nikkei.

We are talking about the most compact four-door cars on the Japanese market, which belong to the so-called Kei Car class. According to the laws of the country, their power cannot exceed 63 horsepower, the length must be no more than 3.40 meters, and the width must not be more than 1.48 meters. In return, buyers of such compact cars receive various benefits.

Both new items will be based on the Nissan IMk concept, presented in autumn 2019. Then Nissan did not provide any technical characteristics, except for the dimensions, which went a little beyond the limits regulated by the Kei Car class.

In the case of Mitsubishi, the car will obviously become a formal replacement for the departed iMiEV electric car. Moreover, it should be noted that the latter cost much more in its homeland – about 27 thousand dollars.

New models could be the cheapest electric cars on the Japanese market, if not previously presented Toyota C + pod with a price tag below 16 thousand dollars. Interestingly, Nissan is preparing a completely new platform for the production IMk, but this may be a compromise chassis that will be used in models with internal combustion engines.

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