Nissan and Renault signed with Waymo exclusive contract with development services to unmanned vehicles

Nissan and Renault signed with Waymo exclusive contract with development services to unmanned vehicles

Group of companies Renault and the company Waymo the leaders in their industries – have signed an exclusive cooperation agreement. The purpose of the contract is the development of all aspects of services for unmanned transportation of passengers and delivery of goods in Japan and France.

The cooperation will combine the advantages of all parties and will significantly expand the expertise in assessing market opportunities. The companies will jointly explore commercial, legal and regulatory issues concerning services unmanned vehicles offered in France and Japan. The Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi thanks to its global presence and portfolio, ohvatyvaya all market segments of passenger and light commercial vehicles, is in a unique position to investigate the possibilities of unmanned vehicles. The company Waymo specializiruetsya on the technology of Autonomous driving and created the world’s most experienced “autopilot”, passed 10 million miles on public roads.

The agreement marks the first step toward the development of long-term and profitable operations for unmanned transportation. Information analysis will primarily be carried out in Japan and France – the countries where the headquarters of Nissan and Renault Group of companies. Subsequently, the research area can be expanded to other markets, including China.

Nissan and Renault will create a joint venture focused on members of the Alliance companies in France and Japan, and specializing in the services of unmanned vehicles.

Hiroto Saikawa (Hiroto Saikawa), President and chief Executive officer of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., said:

“Acting in the framework of the medium-term plan – Nissan M. O. V. E. to 2022 – we strives to be among the first providers of services related to unmanned vehicles. Experience in the global automotive market, as well as experience of strategic partnership allows Nissan to explore new opportunities to expand our portfolio and offer customers new values, together with Waymo, a recognized leader in his field”.

John Krafcik (John Krafcik), chief Executive officer Waymo, commented:

“For Waymo is the perfect opportunity, together with our innovative partner to bring Autonomous driving technology on the global stage. Due to the scope and scale of actions of the Alliance on the world market, our “autopilot” (Waymo Driver) will be able to offer a transformable solution that will ensure safe transportation of passengers and delivery of goods in France, Japan and other countries.”

Terry Bollore (Thierry Bollor?), chief Executive officer of the Renault Group of companies, said:

“The history of the transport of the future will be written together thanks to the cooperation of the Alliance and Waymo – leaders in the industry. This partnership opens new perspectives in the field of unmanned vehicles. We believe that it will accelerate the implementation of our intentions to provide new services in the sphere of joint use of transport. It will also provide benefits for the automotive ecosystem, placing us on the cutting edge of new business in key strategic markets.”