Nissan Ariya will be delayed for another six months

Nissan Ariya will be delayed for another six months


The battery-powered Ariya SUV, which is being marketed by Nissan as a flagship model, debuted in July 2020 and was slated to go on sale in Japan in the summer of 2021. However, Vice President Asako Hoshino told Bloomberg and Reuters today that the launch is being postponed to winter: “We were targeting the middle of this year, but the COVID-19 pandemic lasted longer than expected and there was a shortage of semiconductors.” According to her, sales in the US and Europe usually begin two months after launch in Japan, which means that Ariya will enter the main markets in 2022.

Aria’s story began with the announcement in September 2019 and continued with a prototype in October of the same year. Then the patent drawings got into the press. The serial subcompact (pictured) is endowed with dimensions of 4595x1850x1660 mm with a wheelbase of 2775. The production is entrusted to the Japanese plant in Togichi.

The two-spoke multifunction steering wheel is already placed on the left, as is the mode selector on the console. The digital tidy and center screen have the same 12.3-inch diagonal. Head-up display is optional. Climate control is integrated into the dashboard. The seats are from the Zero Gravity series.

Hoshino noted that Ariya is “filled with innovative technologies that need to be carefully tested one by one.” A semiconductor shortage has hit the ProPilot 2.0 autopilot, self-parking, voice control and other high-tech features that take up up to 40% of the price of an electric vehicle. Analysts agree: the development of Nissan depends on the flagship Aria, this is the key to the further success of the brand, and the delay in the launch is not good. Meanwhile, Nissan is preparing the next electric crossover.

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