Nissan Bluebird revived Bluebird in the form of an electric car

Nissan Bluebird revived Bluebird in the form of an electric car


Nissan has released a special modification of the Bluebird hatchback, the first car that rolled off the assembly line at the Sunderland factory in 1986. The modern car was named Newbird, a bright body paint and an all-electric power plant, which was “transplanted” from the Leaf hatchback along with the gearbox and battery. The retro car is intended to once again remind of the Ambition 2030 strategy, according to which Nissan will introduce 15 new electric vehicles in nine years.

Especially for Newbird, Nissan Design Europe has developed a graphic motif inspired by 1980s trends combined with 21st century aesthetics. In addition to the bright livery, the car was equipped with a special Nissan badge with LED illumination, which turns on when the Newbird is stationary.

As for the “filling”, the hatchback instead of the original gasoline engine got the engine from the electric Leaf. In addition, the electric car borrows a gearbox and a 40 kilowatt-hour battery – the youngest in the current generation of Nissan Leaf.

For better weight distribution, the battery modules were divided equally between the engine compartment and the trunk. The power steering, brakes and heating systems have undergone updates. In addition, due to the increased weight after installing the battery, the suspension had to be completely replaced.

On electric Newbird can cover about 209 kilometers, and from zero to 100 kilometers per hour, the electric car accelerates in less than 15 seconds.

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