Nissan brought to new York the updated GT-R Nismo

Nissan brought to new York the updated GT-R Nismo

The Japanese company has brought to new York the updated GT-R Nismo, which will retain the same engine, but received a series of improvements to the bodywork and suspension.

King of the line GT-R received from the engineers at Nissan a number of updates designed to make the car more exciting to drive, but the capacity remains the same.

This means that hand-harvest a 3.8-liter V6 twin-turbo, which is also put on racing GT-R GT3, still develops 600 horsepower and 652 Nm of torque, but the turbos now have a modified form of turbines and smaller blades.

In addition, was redesigned 6-speed transmission with double clutch, which received the new software, which improves the adaptive control of gear changes and enhanced mode “R”. Changed and titanium exhaust system.

To increase the speed, the Japanese have focused on other areas, including weight reduction and improved aerodynamics – so that each outer panel of a sports car made of carbon fiber (bumper, hood, front wings, roof, sills, trunk, rear spoiler). This resulted in a saving of 10.5 kilograms of weight, and along with other improvements, a decline of 30.5 pounds.

New front fenders are now similar to those fitted to racing GT-R GT3, with toothed apertures for discharging the hot air from the engine Bay and smoothing the airflow along the bodywork and carbon fiber hood is lighter and more dense.

Nissan GT-R Nismo also features a new exclusive 20-inch wheels, which are lighter and tougher than the previous one, and Dunlop tires have deeper tread and less of the grooves, which allows to increase the contact area of 11%.

Finally, to improve the balance, handling and to improve the accuracy of entry into the turns were updated suspension and steering, and a set of carbon-ceramic brakes Brembo is considered to be more durable and strong than ever in the history of the model.

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