Nissan GTR Vs a Woman Festival Sydney

Nissan GTR Vs a Woman Festival Sydney


Which is faster – a Nissan GTR or a woman? Jeremy attempts to find the answer.Subscribe for more awesome videos: YouTube channel: website: Facebook: Twitter:

Now it's time for the big one,
the most important question in motoring. Which is faster, a Nissan GTR or a woman? Everywhere I go in the world
I'm asked this question. Well, today we're going
to find the answer, okay? So, first of all we need the car.
Let's bring it out. Nissan GTR, here it comes, purring along, 485 horsepower, four-wheel drive and in a 16-metre drag race,
the fastest road car in the world. I know, I've tested that. Unbelievable launch control and the only car that when
it accelerates, it actually hurts. Now, we're going to need a woman.
Now, don't worry. We haven't cheated We're not going to get some massive
dump truck in leggings to come along. Would you please put your hands together
for Michelle Jenneke… whose very sportingly wearing a bikini. Right, Michelle, you're a hurdelist. -Yes, I am a hurdler.
-A hurdler -Let me tell you how it goes.
-Okay. It's a 100-metre sprint. Now, how fast could you do
a 100 metres normally? -My best is 12:05.
-12:05. This is a little bit different.
We're going to start here on the line. We're going to race
to the 50-metre board there, which is by the 200-metre board
just to make it complicated. At the 50-metre board,
you will turn round and run back, -The start line is also the finish line.
-Got it. I will drive down, sitting down,
obviously, because I'm very, very lazy, to the 50-metre board, engage reverse,
not easy actually in a GTR, and then reverse and the winner is the one -who is the least run over.
-Okay Now, you have actually got a fairly
well-known to internet… boys routine for getting ready for a race. -Yes I do.
-You do your routine. I'm going to get in the GTR and do mine,
which is setting the launch control. -Okay
-All right, you do that. I know that a gentleman wouldn't use
launch control at a time like this, but I'm not a gentleman, so, I shall be. Okay, right. That's the warm-up routine.
You can see it on the internet. I'll just sit here
and just watch this, actually. Or should we have a race? Right. I'm in drive. I've got the three central buttons down.
I got to pull both paddles together. Left foot on the brake. Okay. Oh, yes I am in the lead! Past the 50-metre board, into reverse. Oh, she's back in the lead! Come on, car! Yes! Sorry about that. Loser! Ladies and gentlemen,
give her a massive round of applause for being a great sport. The question is, did Jeremy
organise that rather pointless race just so he could see
Michelle's warm-up routine? We'll never know

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