Nissan has appointed a new head of the brand in China

Nissan has appointed a new head of the brand in China


Makoto Uchida will become the new CEO and Ashwani Gupta appointed chief operating officer.

It is expected that Uchida and Gupta will work together as a group leader, in contrast to the authoritarian style of the former Chairman of Nissan Carlos Gona. Nissan has appointed Makoto Uchida, the head of a major Chinese units, as its next President and CEO, helping the company affected by the scandal, to open a new Chapter after the arrest of former President Carlos Gone and the resignation last month of former Director General of Hiroto Saikawa.


Nissan veteran with experience in joint procurement with partner Renault, Uchida, 55 years old, opens the young generation of leaders, many of whom hope to blaze a new path. The appointment will take place no later than January 1, 2020, as told the press service of Nissan on Tuesday. Uchida headed by Yasuhiro Yamauchi, who was the acting interim President since then, as Saikawa resigned on 16 September.

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