Nissan has released a special version of the model Note

Nissan has released a special version of the model Note


In November, the local market will be a new special version of Nissan Note Nismo, dubbed the Black Limited.

Nissan Note has been praised for its powerful and smooth driving performance and improved sound insulation, which engineers managed to achieve thanks to the use of electric propulsion “e-POWER”. According to the press service of the automaker has also become a popular version of the e-POWER Drive, which has a function of acceleration and deceleration of the car with just one tap of the gas pedal.

“Charged” series Note NISMO has been well received not only by customers, focused on sports driving, but also a wide range of clients. Note e-POWER and Note NISMO e NISMO S POWER, which changed the characteristics of sporty driving e-POWER by configuring VCM, have a very rigid enclosure with reinforcements. This model is well received by clients who want to experience the exciting feeling from the actuator NISMO, which is a step ahead of the electric drivetrain.

Note NISMO S is a combination of a special 1.6-liter engine and 5-speed ??manual transmission. Now the automaker has released a special version NISMO Note titled Black Limited, which expresses the sporty NISMO. A distinctive feature of novelty became the black hood and roof. In addition, external parts such as the antenna “shark fin” spoilers on the roof and the door mirrors were blackened, with the result that the model has become more stringent.


Already in the base model is equipped with such popular options like led headlights, intelligent cruise control and navigation. This special model officially debuts at the 46th Tokyo motor show.

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