Nissan introduced a new type of insulation

Nissan introduced a new type of insulation


Nissan has unveiled at CES 2020 a new type of soundproof material. He has a very low mass, but the characteristics are the same as the traditional rubber sheets.

Nissan developed the composite refers to the type of metamaterials, that is, its properties depend on the given structure, and not from properties of its constituent elements. Experiments with metamaterials holds the Japanese brand since 2008, when such composites are used only in high-sensitivity antenna for research of electromagnetic waves. Since then, scientists have been able to expand the range of their application and adapted for blocking sound.


The new material is a combination of lattice structure and plastic film, which control the air vibration and reduce the transmission of waves with a frequency of 500-1200 Hz. Nissan indicates that it is mainly road noise and engine sound. In this acoustic metamaterial 75 percent lighter than conventional rubber sheets, and costs the same or even slightly less.

Ibid at CES 2020, the Japanese company showed the Golf ball with the autopilot. It was equipped with a motor, sensors and camera; technology borrowed from the Nissan cars equipped with the system of semi-Autonomous driving ProPILOT.

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