Nissan introduced the “charged” Leaf Nismo

Nissan introduced the “charged” Leaf Nismo


Model Nissan Leaf, which is available for ten years, continues to be a symbol representative Nissan Intelligent Mobility, and, of course, has zero emissions, but it also uses smooth, powerful acceleration and low center of gravity electric vehicle.

On assurance a press-services of the Japanese brand, many customers praise Nissan for user friendliness, modern security technologies and related functions. This is also confirmed by sales of the Nissan Leaf – the total number of cars sold in Japan since the first generation has exceeded 140 thousand units.

“Nissan Leaf NISMO” first appeared in July 2018. Stylish look and performance NISMO “Pure Sports” is embodied in the Nissan Leaf, which has both ecological neutrality and advanced technologies and safety technologies. The exterior got a sporty elements that makes full use of aerodynamics, and the interior is made in black color and has a red stitching, which gives it a sportiness.


At this time, improved the Nissan Leaf NISMO has adopted European quick ratio steering, which significantly improve driving performance. Also the sports division of the brand has improved the acceleration out of a turn, examined in more detail the logic control VDC. With these settings, managed to achieve excellent maneuverability reminiscent of a sports car while maintaining its status citicar.

In addition, as options are added RECARO sports seat new generation heating and an updated design to keep the driver and front passenger in tight corners.

Nissan Leaf NISMO has a 9-inch screen multimedia system with navigation as standard equipment, also inherited a number of new features from restaylingovuyu version of the Nissan Leaf, introduced last year. The cost of front-wheel drive the Nissan Leaf Nismo performance with a 40-kilowatt battery starts at about 4.29 million yen or about $40,000 at the current exchange rate.

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