Nissan is curtailing the development of internal combustion engines around the world


The Nikkei agency, citing its own sources, reports that Nissan Motor intends to stop developing new internal combustion engines, while it will continue to upgrade existing units. The automaker has already taken such a step in Europe, with Japan and China next in line. The only country in which Nissan is in no hurry to abandon the internal combustion engine is the United States. Pickup trucks are popular there, and their company will not switch to electric traction yet.

As for the refusal to develop new internal combustion engines for the European market, this is due to the introduction of the Euro-7 environmental standard in 2025. Nissan felt that the tightened environmental standard would raise the cost of developing internal combustion engines “to an unacceptable level.”

Following the automaker will curtail work on next-generation internal combustion engines in Japan and China, while projects related to engines in hybrid installations are not planned to be abandoned. Nikkei clarifies that Nissan will continue to upgrade existing internal combustion engines and will not close factories for their production.

The Japanese brand annually spends about 500 million yen on research and development of internal combustion engines. Now spending will be redistributed in favor of electrification.

Jaguar Land Rover, Bentley Motors, McLaren and Rolls-Royce have previously announced plans to phase out ICE this decade. KIA will complete the electrification of the entire model range in Europe by 2035, in other key markets – by 2040. Renault will withdraw from the European market cars equipped with internal combustion engines by 2030. By the same year, Volvo will completely switch to the production of electric vehicles.

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