Nissan is preparing a competitor Tod Raptor

Nissan is preparing a competitor Tod Raptor


The developers of the Japanese automobile concern Nissan are planning to produce “charged” crossovers and pickups.

If the idea of ​​the manufacturers works, then under the Nissan Nismo sub-brand they will again sell not only passenger models, but also cars of other segments, fully satisfying the needs of potential buyers.

Given the special modifications, improved technical parameters and improved equipment, the new cars should attract the interest of future owners, standing out favorably among competitors previously represented in these segments.

Detailed technical parameters have not been announced yet. But it is known that the equipment of pickups will include such options as: climate control, heated seats, cruise control, rain and temperature sensors, an immobilizer, power windows, a collision avoidance system, a system of directional stability, a modern multimedia system with a digital screen, a prevention function collisions and so on.

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