Nissan is preparing a new electrified van

Nissan is preparing a new electrified van


Nissan Europe has unveiled teaser images of a mysterious commercial vehicle (Light Commercial Vehicles, LCV), and it is definitely an electric car: it will be presented on September 9, World EV Day. The company did not report any other details about the new product. It is noteworthy that in February 2021 the company announced that it intends to offer in Europe a model based on the new Renault Kangoo, and the latter will also have an electric version. There is a possibility that some time later a Japanese model based on the French architecture will debut. Finally, the teaser images and videos – the files themselves – are signed as XFK, and such an internal designation, according to some “old-world” media, is exactly the Renault model.

The new Renault Kangoo was presented last spring. The novelty is offered in the form of a van and a passenger van. Cars appeared on the “old world” market in 2021 and so far are offered only with internal combustion engines, but the electric version is only exposed, it starts in 2022. Kangoo should get a 102-horsepower electric motor paired with a 44 kWh battery.

In Europe, sales of a model from Nissan may start at the end of this year or early next year, but we are talking about cars with internal combustion engines: the electric version, along with similar Kangoo and Citan, is expected in mid-2022. Serial production of the Kangoo and Citan has been established at the Renault plant in the French city of Maubeuge, and the new product from Nissan will also be produced there.

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